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    Products, Services and Domain Expertise

    Samtech has made significant investments in Research and Development in last many years to develop various frameworks and technology tools to offer the following benefits to its customers.

    icon Enabling business users to orchestrate the process automation
    icon Quicker deployments
    icon Re-usability
    icon Flexibility and ease of use
    icon Technology Independence
    icon Significantly bring down the Total cost of ownership
    Products, Services and Domain Expertise
    We have developed a successful Plan-Do-Act-Analyze model of delivery and create POC and Pilots before transitioning the production and scaling it. This avoids any surprises and cultural shocks while optimizing the processes.

    Samtech has four distinct technology groups namely

    icon Systems Integration Group
    icon Software Products and Portal Solution Group
    icon Network and Infrastructure Management Group
    icon Document Management, Content and Digitization

    Samtech has domain expertise in the following practice areas:

    icon E-Governance (G2G, G2B and G2C)
    icon Human Resource Management
    icon Portal Development, Content Design, Collection and aggregation
    icon Education
    icon Manufacturing and Services Verticals
    Samtech Products:
    icon HR2 (recruitment to retirement full suite application)
    icon Edumas (ERP for higher education)
    Samtech Frameworks:
    icon Agriculture Portal (comprehensive e-governance portal ecosystem around farming household)
    icon Tourism Portal (Experiential tourism framework around visitor community)
    Partnered products:
    icon Datascan Online and DataFlo (Document Management and Workflow System) –3i Infotech
    3Distinct Technologies
    Software Products & Services
    Content & Digitization
    Infrastructure & Networks
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